Friday, September 1, 2017

Love Song

Then, after queef, we learned the many meanings of mung or The Mung, even (now we know you went to Oxford because we saw you with that dead girl and you can eat out with your friend but don't go swimming for an hour), but nothing compares to you, ya know?

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

cocoa puffs

Nothing to do with the cereal but everything to do with the mood called chocoelated even without the chocolate more or less the water flows and for anyone who knows the truth always shows no matter which wind blows or which way it comes from or whomever we may become... whomever we become... whomever we become? This is a momentary experience that could be part of a major event as eternal as the imaginary being in the sky or as real as the natural high that comes from knowing all the energy of the universe passes through everyone and the connections are transparent as the light raining from the sun... What have we become? :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

suddenly sugar

yeah, five hundred and fifty calories of skinny cow chocolate and peanut and caramel and chocolate and i was doing so good until then, five hundred and fifty calories of, well, sugar... it goes by the mouth so very fast, too very fast, very very fast, alas, faster than sassafrass fast, alas... snatch it in the field in the field snatch snatch whatcha gonna do do you have a clue is it ready to hatch story of a life a life in story songs and with a wiggle and a woggle and a duck on a pond or few in the middle of nowhere somewhere wonderfully wonder filled where suddenly sugar took the mind like this on five hundred fifty calories and sex, what, sex too?...

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Thursday, November 1, 2012

ch-ch-ch-cha cha cha

lol, no chocolate milk tonight, but buzzing on halloween candy as kit kats, crunches, butterfingers, and mars caramel (for jackson) sit beside me literally glowing... or maybe that is me... the sugar is one thing, but the multitude of chemical highs contained in chocolate (ah, cacao, let me count the ways) have be bubbling and bouncing and giggling and write amused with every little thing and this drug induced surreality was just what the doctor ordered as an escape from the baby it's a wild world place out there is right on time... pity the fool who doesn't get it :) meanwhile, how you doin? :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

what was, what wasn't, what?

blissfully blown away by fatigue and chocolate milk, coconut milk and nestles hot chocolate mix (for lack of any other chocolate) but cold it does not dissolve well and i want cold so i did and slightly grainy but deliciously different nonetheless cuz coconut milk mixed with skim milk and a touch of extra sugar and exploding brain cells encourage bubbling energy that so wants to bounce off walls in spite of the physical body wishing for blind sleep so deep the brain stops (never happened before except during a few blackouts at the hands of alcohol and there was no pleasantness afterward so i don't go back there) and so here i am bobble-head sitting typing racing in slow motion wishing for more and someone who might begin to understand and keep up and kiss the chocolate me...

sex would be good now...

Friday, June 25, 2010


in the past few days the re-awakening began again and through more than a dozen posts there and elsewhere (in eight other blogs, in fact), last night, pow zoom, the oh wow started (complete with musical accompaniment and for the first time in well over a decade, the gardener awoke... maybe not the full blast from the past ton of bricks it could have been because there was a roommate sleeping so the singing could not be let out in full volume, but the slightness, gentleness, delicateness, softness, ever so tiny voice did sing clearly enough to wake shake rattle and roll me and oh, the places i remembered (there are places, you know, in my life)... of course it was chcolate fueled, chocolate milk in fact, with some hot fudge over frozen yogurt and a double shot, large can... let me tell you, it was a gas gas gas...

there may be more links to follow, somewhere, if i so gather the wits and spin the web... but for now, the www spider sits in awe along with the rest of me as the kids bask in glee :)